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DNP Programs in Georgia

DNP Programs in Georgia

Georgia DNP Programs

Georgia recently began featuring the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in colleges and universities across the state. Currently, there are five DNP programs in Georgia, though this number is likely to grow in the future as the DNP is likely to replace the MSN in advanced practice.

The common mission in Georgia DNP programs is to prepare nurses to lead healthcare innovation and policy transformation. These clinical-focused degrees aim to promote excellence in care, and often stress evidenced-based practice.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are stricter in some programs than in others, but there are many similarities. Applicants must have a master's degree from an accredited program and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, or in some cases 3.2. Official transcripts must be submitted for review. The programs also often require an unencumbered RN or advanced practice license and certification, letters of recommendation or professional references, current resumes, a writing sample and statement of professional goals, and an interview. GRE or MAT scores are required for some programs, such as Georgia Southern University's.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The DNP programs offered in Georgia all currently require a master's degree for entry. Georgia Southern University, which offers an online DNP program, states that it plans to offer the BSN to DNP pathway in the future. The program curriculums range from 37-50 credit hours, depending on the college or university. Mercer University, for example, offers either a five or eight-semester curriculum that is 41 credit hours, with the option to complete an extra 9 credits of nurse educator courses. Georgia College, which also offers the degree online, has a 37 credit curriculum. The programs also require a clinical component.


Tuition varies between programs, and for residents and non-residents. The cost to attend Brenau University is currently $851 per credit hour. Mercer University does not list tuition by credit hour, but states that the current cost for an 8-11 credit semester is $10,177.

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